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Cole the Mole

Ruby Melon

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‘I’m the bravest of the brave, that’s my call
I’m not afraid of anything… no nothing at all’


Cole the mole is a heart-warming children’s story which addresses the childhood fear of the dark.

Aimed at 2-8 year olds, it is set in the African wilderness where a brave mole has to overcome his secret fear in order to help a young lion cub find his lost parents. This is a story of friendship between two unlikely characters their insightful encounters as they set off on an exciting adventure into the wilderness.


Illustrated and written by South African author Natalie Osborne, this story comes to life with beautiful double page spreads showcasing our African wilderness and all the amazing animals that can be found in it. Drawing inspiration as a mother of two, it touches on one of the most common childhood fears and aims to create a calming, bonding experience to the nighttime routine that will make bedtime something children can look forward to.


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